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"For over a decade, I have witnessed the love, dedication and professionalism Latino Northwest uses to communicate, educate and empower the Latino community.It is an honor to have witnessed the birth and development of their magazine, video production, individual testimonies and TV news coverage. Latino Northwest inspires individuals to reach their goals, empowers the community to speak out and transforms the community by being a bridge between the main stream world and the monolingual community."

Mario E. Paredes, MA, Executive Director | New Futures |

"I have worked with Latino Northwest Communications for a number of years and have been very impressed with their commitment to the Latino community. They are artists, historians, and advocates of social justice. As a community college administrator, I am most impressed with their commitment to educating the broad community through their productions which are filled with personal testimonies and powerful images of life. Through their productions, they have documented and celebrated the challenges and achievements of Latinos in the Northwest."

Dr. Jean Hernandez, President | Edmonds Community College

"We were impressed with Latino Northwest's ability to carefully listen, understand the goal of the project and find ways to make the video come alive for the viewer. We so appreciated their collaborative approach, commitment to excellence, and genuine respect to the importance of the project. We had a great time working together and the outcome of our video "Parents Are the Key" was a delight for all of us!"

Lyn Kratz | Family Resource Center | Seattle Children's

"Latino Northwest Communications, Martha Sanchez & Mario Zavaleta- The Bureau of the Census recognizes your significant contribution in promoting Census 2000. Your talented media team captured the essence of the migrant worker community in the "Hagase Contra" video and the Mariachi Musical Production of the Census 2000. Muchas gracias for an outstanding promotional effort on behalf of Census 2000."

Moises Carrasco, Regional Director | US Department of Commerce | US Census Bureau

"Martha and Mario, After viewing 'Students of Change Los del '68' I am so impressed, you did a wonderful job!! You told a simple (but important) story in a personal and heartfelt manner, the pace was excellent - not rushed, did not lag, you explained the background and the context of your story, the photos were great and the music appropriate, and your presentation was real, not too arty. The camera work was good, and if you can understand and appreciate this word: warm - as in friendly. Truly, an excellent and easy to understand presentation of all the issues - Mexican immigrant, farm labor, living conditions, farmworker movement, educational opportunities, student activism, discrimination, social justice, etc. It seems to me this film should be a big plus for grade school teachers and counselors trying to promote the need for college education. I feel privileged to have played a very small part in its production.

LeRoy Chatfield | Farmworker Movement Documentation Project |